TORTURE SQUAD (Brasil) “Far Beyond Existence”

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Label: Agresor Records

Format: Jewel

Año: 2017

Detail: Album

Music: Death Thrash


TORTURE SQUAD “Far Beyond Existence”

Album 2017 A.R. 011– 17  (CD Format)

By Agresor Record

Link de audio; https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=UvHq9iHtDbY

 http://agresorrecords.cl/noti cia11torturesquad.php


Great album that Agresor Records has by the end of 2017 and in the beginning of 2018. Limited edition of 500 CDs, and that soon, by mid-2018 will be available on vinyl 12 inches.

Torture Squad is a classic band in South America of Deathrash Metal. They have 7 albums in his career and this one would be the impressive number 8 in his career. A work that keeps all its power even more Brutal, that at times reminds us of the first works of bands like: Benediction, moments of Obituary, and also mixed with Thrash Metal.

There are 9 tracks ordered in the following structure:

01.- Dont Cross my Path (05:48)

02.- No Fate (06:35)

03.- Blood Sacrifice (07:38)

04.- Steady Hands (05:23)

05.- Hate (04:11)

06.- Hero for the Ages (05:42)

07.- Far Beyound Existence (06:44)

08.- Cursed by Disease (05:02)

09.- You Must Proclaim (05:06)

in the cd format, it brings a special edition; 3 new tracks as Bonus track

10 – Area 51 (05:54)

11.-Torture In Progress (9:37)

12.- Unknown Abyss (0:43)

In the Vinyl format that will soon be available in the middle of 2018 it contains the 9 tracks of the album without bonus tracks, only the Classic format album.


The luxury line – up that is consolidated from the previous ep called Return of evil, is with; Amilcar Christófaro (Bateria), Castor  Baixo (bajo y coros), Mayara Puertas (Vocal), y Rene Simionato  (Guitarras)


Drums recorded at Orra Meu! Estudios in São Paulo / SP – Brazil, on April, 2017, All guitars, bass and vocals recorded at Loud Factory Studios on May, 2017, in São Paulo / SP – Brazil

Sitar recorded at Cardiac Studio in Campinas/SP – Brazil on May, 2017


“Far Beyond Existence” featured many special guests, such as Dave Ingram (HAIL OF BULLETS, former BENEDICTION and BOLT THROWER) in “Hate”; Edu Lane (NERVOCHAOS) in the narrative on “Cursed by Disease”; Luiz Louzada (VULCANO and CHEMICAL DESASTER) in “You Must Proclaim”; Alex Camargo (KRISIUN) in “Just Got Paid”, playing Hammond in the instrumental track “Torture in Progress”

The lyrics kept the tradition of expressing about different topics, such as the questions of life that are beyond human comprehension (“Far Beyond Existence”), passing by inspiring messages of attitude (“Steady Hands”), “ lovely” words to the Brazilian politicians (“Don’t Cross My Path” and “You must Proclaim”), and even the life philosophy of Bruce Lee (“Hero for the Ages”).

The cover art work was created exclusively for the album by Rafael Tavares, and contains several details which refer to the theme of the album. The image of the skull represents all that we humans have in common (so, we are equals); the serpent, the animals; the sky and the rocks, the universe, and the reptilian eye symbolizes portals to worlds that are far beyond our knowledge, “more questions than answers”, as it says in an excerpt from the title track.


A brutal work that brings with it a great musical and artistic production, and a quality of composition that nowadays is difficult to obtain in a final product in the metal. Doubtlessly, an album that cannot be missing from your home discography.


Available Now by Agresor Records

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