DARK GOD – Cremation of the Saint


Label:  Total Pagan Madness Records

Format: Tape Pro

Año: 2019

Detail: Album

Band From: Chile

Music: Death / Thrash / Black

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cinta cromo

From the lands of northern Chile, «Dark God» proclaims the release of its first full-length 2019 Album called «Cremation of the saint»,

Formed in 1990, they managed to record their Demo 1 in 1991. Then their breaking off in 1994… Later revives the band in 2015 with their Ep «Return of the Blasphemy». In 2017 they published their first live “Blasphemy Live” and now, at last we can have this cult piece in long duration

«Outro» begins with sounds that transport us to an inquisitive era; «Cremation of the Saint», a theme that shows the brutality of the band, with a very aggressive and fast death / black sound where percussions show a variety of rhythms that beat and crush until destroying skulls, the initial theme that lies in the catacombs and that wander through an entity that visits those passages full of death, “The force of evil” theme that follows the same aggressive line with sharp riff and a heartbreaking voice coming from the same hell in the line style of bands that marked in their beginnings as: Morbid Angel, Nocturnus, and Destruction.

“God in your mind upon the darkness” whips with a very powerful Deathrash Metal which highlights a theme recognized by the most adept fans. It takes a theme to the edge and demonstrates the anti-Christianity that this Band professes; then the instrumental «Darkgod” comes, starting with a solo of thundering bass and mixes of sounds within the classic thrash metal… It is a classical Instrumental in which each musician has his inspiration space. Later “Intro” invokes «Sepulchral blasphemy» that impacts with dark rhythms recalling the old school of black metal, a heartbreaking track from start to finish with moments of maximum speed and death doom moments, the vocalists vomit blasphemy throughout the track, hate and more hate can be found in this damn track that removes your soul and leads it to be burned in the crematorium.

«Dust of death» is the turning point where you can see a whole musical progression, a slow start «Funeral» guitars in ninth parallel playing with dissonant melodies … in short, dark with guttural voices, to conclude with a whole machinery of riffs recalling some passages of the old Thrash and Death Metal;  then follows this destruction with the track «Perdition of the life» that delivers pure brutality with a sarcastic lyric theme that emanates after the war between hell and the supposed «good» invoking evil as emperor of all time, a sound track of the grave that recalls the beginnings of the band to the purest and prehistoric Death Thrash Metal. Unlike the Ep that also brings the same track, this version is much closer to the first 1991 demo which is played full at 180 ppm so you can get your brain dusty. And finally, “Morfobidus” is the last song, sung in Spanish, of this work of hidden metal with a heavy and deep riff that invokes the gods of the underworld, to then double the speed and destroy everything in its path, play with double time and sharply go back to the funeral doom that only Dark God knows how to do.

There are ten themes that make up this work, mixing rhythms and sounds of the purest thrash / death & black metal, in a jewel case full color luxury format, including a lyric poster and exclusive photos. This album is an apocalyptic piece, worthy of being considered in the dark world of metal. Write now to the band and record label contacts, and secure your copy.

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