Dark God (Chile) & Hadez (Perú) Album Split


Label: Agresor Records / Pentagram Records

Format: Digipack

Año: 2018

Detail: Album Split

Music: Deathrash Metal

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HADEZ “Hell Sessions” / DARKGOD “Live Blasphemy”

Split Album 2017/2018  A.R. 012– 17  (DIGIPACK Format)

By Agresor Record

Link de audio; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaevxsoUt-s


Split Album 2018, An excellent piece of funeral music coming from the Latin American underground, with two classic Deathtrash Metal bands like the Chileans DARKGOD and the Peruvians HADEZ who reign in the Deathblack Metal lands of Peru. Meanwhile, this work “Split” is published in a format of luxury Digipack that contains inside an insert with exclusive photos of this work. It begins with 6 tracks from HADEZ, stories like;

  1. Diosa de la averno

02  Guerreros de la muerte

  1. Hadez ataca
  2. Pasaporte al infierno
  3. Death+angel exterminador

06  Altar de sacrificio

that is part of the so-called «HELL SESSIONS» These songs are unique pieces released by the band in a session of the year 2016 and 2017, with its members: JOHN AGRESSOR (Lead Guit), LUIS SCHARRACK (Vocals), KIKE SATAN EYACULATION (Bass) y OSCAR THE MUTILATOR (Drums), who render master class at Metal of South American Cult.


Then it is the turn of DARK GOD that release exclusively a live disc that collects two samples of his tour of the album «The return of blasphemy» before the band took an unexpected turn with its members in its third stage of his dark history. Its members GIOVANNI RIVERA in voice and guitar, GUSTAVO VÉLIZ in Bass, both at the head of this sepulchral return, together with LEONARDO RIVERA (ex Demencia) and JONATHAN TAPIA, are part of this «BLASPHEMY LIVE» of the year 2016 and beginning of the 2017 The track that they celebrate here are:

01 God in your mind, upon the darkness

02 The forces of evil

03 Attack Of demon’s

04 Dark God

05 Perdition of the Life

Recorded on December 2016 Live (Calamatack Fest) & February 2017 (Metal Oasis)

plus two bonus track in studio. Undoubtedly a cult work of both Occult Metal schools



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